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Please check out our VIDEO educational sessions. You will find latest information, answers to important questions, and mindfulness practices.

Let us support you in caring for yourselves and your loved ones during the coronavirus crisis. You can also join us live for stress reducing and immune system boosting practices. Subscribe to our newsletter for details.

Thank you for joining us on A Mindfulness Experience. This week’s facilitators are Amy Kossoff, MD, medical director and member of the Board of Directors, AIM Health Institute, and Nina Paul, Lecturer, Department of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences, GW Milken Institute School of Public Health, and mindfulness coach. This free, online, weekly event provides you with contemplative practices to promote resilience and emotional well-being. A Mindfulness Experience is organized by AIM Health Institute and the GW Office of Integrative Medicine & Health. Learn more about AIM at

Counting and 4-7-8 Breathing practice

Constitutional Hydrotherapy Treatment

Warming Socks Treatment

TPR – Trauma Relief Protocol – Meditation

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