Leigh Frame, PhD, MHS

Dr. Leigh Frame brings nutrition and immunity together through clinical/translational research. She is
especially interested in the role of vitamin D as an immune modulatory hormone. Dr. Frame is
reestablishing her research at GW and working to build a GW Integrative Medicine research program.
Her interests include the potential role of the microbiome and nutrition in health, the consequences of
malnutrition in obesity, research ethics, and social media.

Dr. Frame has used her wide-ranging experience in biomedical research (from wet bench to clinical
research) to oversee research programs, including the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and
Stroke (NINDS) Parkinson’s Disease Biomarker Discovery Program. She received her PhD in Human
Nutrition from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health while working at the Johns Hopkins
Center for Bariatric Surgery and also earned a Master of Health Science in Molecular Microbiology and
Immunology from the same school.