Dr. Nancy Aboulmouna, Secretary


Dr. Nancy Aboulmouna, ND is the Secretary for the AIM Health Institute Board of Directors.  Dr. Aboulmouna graduated magna cum laude in medicine from University of Bridgeport’s College of Naturopathic Medicine in May of 2018.  While pursuing medicine, she also graduated magna cum laude with a Masters in Science in Nutrition.  She is currently a professor of Nutrition in the School of Health Studies at American University in Washington, DC.  

Dr. Aboulmouna is passionate about Integrative Medicine and its role in prevention and multidisciplinary treatment interventions.  Having witnessed integrative medicine’s great success in underserved populations while rotating as a student in Bridgeport, CT, she is committed to increasing awareness and access to this form of medicine for all, including the underserved and American Veterans.  As the daughter of an Air Force veteran, she believes all veterans and active duty personnel should be afforded access to preventive and integrative care.  Dr. Aboulmouna looks forward to practicing medicine in the coming months.  She has taken particular interest in oncology and looks forward to an integrative oncology residency in the near future.