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Reiki Share Program for Elderly Residents and Staff of an Assisted Living Facility

Elderly people living in independent or assisted-living facilities frequently suffer from multiple chronic diseases.  Reiki has been previously reported to induce sense of calmness, decrease anxiety and improve wellbeing when used for patients in various medical settings.  The objective of this study was to assess the feasibility of conducting Reiki training and Reiki Share program among the elderly, and to measure the effect of Reiki therapy on the quality of life and heart rate variability of elderly residents and staff members at The Residences at Thomas Circle, a retirement community in downtown Washington D.C.  Our results indicate that  Reiki Share program is easy to implement in these settings, and that the majority of participating residents and staff find it beneficial and express the desire to  continue such a program.

We are currently looking for funding to conduct Phase II of this study to assess the effects of Reiki  program on the quality of life among the residents and the staff.

More information coming soon

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