ART Therapy for CANCER patients program

In May-September 2017, AIM Health Institute has implemented its first medical art therapy program for cancer patients and survivors. The project was implemented in partnership with a local nonprofit Pro-Cure Art  that delivers humanitarian services involving methods of trauma-informed art therapy. The two nonprofits have come together to provide psychosocial support to cancer patients and survivors in efforts to improve their quality of life as they go through treatments, and adjust to life following the experience.

The structure of the 8-week sessions aligned with the mindfulness-based art therapy approaches. The groups met on Mondays and Tuesday for 2.5 hours of professional art therapy. Each session opened with a check-in mandala work and a 30-min guided meditation practice. After the meditation, participants involved in the art making process followed by a discussion of the expressive art work. The sessions served a purpose of a support group where participants got to reflect on their feelings and emotions in a safe environment, and rendered each other emotional support.