Elizabeth Goldberg, LMT. Programs Director

Ever since I can remember, I have had a passion for social justice.  Whether it was a food drive at my middle school or advocating for the re-signing of the Americans with Disabilities Act in college, I was always fired up about something. As a massage therapist and mind-body practitioner, the innate healing power of the body never ceases to amaze me; I think it extends to how families and communities can heal together, too.  I am inspired by AIM’s mission to provide services typically seen – and priced – as boutique to a wider audience in my city; supporting future physicians and practitioners’ integrative health education; and providing tools to all medical providers to provide patients the mind-body, practical tools they can use everyday, so that we can all heal and thrive together.


Elizabeth Goldberg is the Programs Director for AIM Health Institute.  Elizabeth received her Bachelor’s of Arts from Smith College in Northampton, MA, graduated from Potomac Massage Training Institute, and completed training at The Center for Mind-Body Medicine in Washington, DC.  She currently serves as a mind-body medicine instructor for groups at the GW Center for Integrative Medicine, and is a practicing massage therapist and health and wellness coach at Freed Bodyworks in Washington, DC.

Elizabeth served on the Board of Directors for the Epilepsy Foundation of America from 2003-2009 and was on development teams at Cultural Tourism DC, the National Building Museum, and love.fútbol. Outside of work, Elizabeth enjoys playing the French horn, reading, running, and cooking epic breakfasts.